Although the industry may be looking to incorporate digital gaming more frequently , brick-and-mortar has a heritage , an engaged audience and a physical presence . Online casinos may be more convenient , but playing at home cannot replicate the real-world casino experience .
“ People that play in casinos do so for a reason and they will come back ,” Pamminger says . “ I think online is easy and available . You can immediately go online and gamble but it lacks a social element which people prefer .
“ The reason why they come is that they ’ re noticed , made welcome and known in casinos . There are relationships established between staff members and service employees with the guest . We can determine how they feel and you don ’ t get that in an online environment – it ’ s a screen
“ The most important thing for us is to make the journey to the online sector as smooth as possible because we are dealing with the same customers we deal with on a daily basis in our brick-andmortar operations ”
LAURENT LASSIAZ , JOA with a data transfer and maybe some AI .
“ You don ’ t get the interaction and the interpretation of a person ’ s state of mind . That ’ s an advantage in a casino environment which helps you to deal with any issues that may happen , or with responsible gaming issues .”
These sentiments are shared by Lassiaz , who has seen first-hand the popularity of land-based casinos since reopening .
“ We saw when we reopened our casino a few weeks ago that the day you open you see all the people rushing to come back to the real world . That ’ s proof that even if the online offering is huge and fine-tuned and smooth , people still need to get together . They still need to touch things and see the product .
“ The recent weeks with so many people rushing to feel the real world is more proof that digital is not the only way to have a good experience .”
July 2021
20 21 Part 5: Wiggin European regulation round-up Building an omnichannel future for European casinos WIGGIN EUROPEAN REGULATION ROUND-UP In conjunction with Chris Elliott and Rawa Kaftan of Wiggin LLP, ICE365 provides a snapshot of igaming regulation currently in place across Europe Tweet @ICE_London limit of €500 for all customers of licensed operators is in effect. A draft law to introduce an advertising and PRIVATE OPERATORS CAN ONLY BE LICENSED TO OFFER ONLINE GAMBLING IF THEY OBTAIN A LAND-BASED CASINO OR BETTING LICENCE. CROATIA sponsorship ban has been submitted to parliament. BULGARIA operators can only be licensed to offer a betting licence). An overhaul to online gambling if they obtain a land- player protection measures has been based casino or betting licence. proposed by the betting regulator. Regulated gambling products: Status: Attempts by the Ministry to Sports betting, horse race betting, update its gambling legislation have CZECH REPUBLIC poker, casino, bingo and lottery been subject to criticism in respect of Regulated gambling products: (excluding raffles and instant EU incompatibility issues (including Sports betting, horse race betting, lottery games). the requirement that only holders of poker, casino, bingo and lottery. AUSTRIA introduction of both website blocking Operator type: All products are land-based licences can offer online Operator type: EU and EEA-based Regulated gambling products: and greater player protection available to private operators except gambling). Regulatory reforms appear operators are able to apply for licences. Sports betting, horse race betting, measures. A draft law formally setting for lotteries, which are to be reserved to have stalled in the country. Status: The gambling regulatory poker, casino, bingo and lottery. out the proposed reforms is expected exclusively for the monopoly. Operator type: Licences for sports to be published during 2021. Status: Any operator from an EU/EEA CYPRUS jurisdiction or the Swiss Confederation Regulated gambling products: allows EU/EEA companies to enter can apply for a licence. The Bulgarian Sports betting, horse race betting the market. ISP-blocking measures betting and horse race betting are What’s your view? place. A mandatory, weekly deposit regime, which entered into force in the Czech Republic on 1 January 2017, available for private operators on a BELGIUM regional basis within Austria, whereas Regulated gambling products: regulator has awarded approximately and lottery. are active in the jurisdiction. Tax rates poker, casino, bingo and lottery are Sports betting, horse race betting, 30 licences to date, including to a Operator type: OPAP has a monopoly reportedly increased to up to 30% controlled by the monopoly, Casinos poker, casino, bingo and lottery. number of international operators. The over lottery operations; betting licences of GGR for certain online gambling Austria, which has exclusive rights Operator type: All products are government has adopted amendments are available to private operators. activities from January 2020. until 2027. available to private operators except to the country’s gambling legislation Status: Cyprus regulated online Status: The CJEU has held that for lotteries, which are reserved to establish a monopoly on lotteries betting in July 2012, although a DENMARK the Austrian casino monopoly is exclusively for the monopoly in Bulgaria, with any existing lottery licensing regime was not established Regulated gambling products: incompatible with EU law in a number provider. However, online operators licences to be revoked with immediate until 2016. ISPs are obliged to Sports betting, fantasy sports, horse of cases, although national courts need to partner with a land-based effect following the amendment’s entry implement blocking measures to race betting, poker, casino, bingo continue to reach conflicting decisions licence holder in order to satisfy a into force. prohibit Cypriot residents from and lottery. on the compatibility of Austria’s current local establishment requirement; Operator type: Licences for all alternatively, apply for one of the retail CROATIA accessing unlicensed gambling gambling legislative framework with websites. A new betting law, which gambling products are available to EU law and the position remains licences that can be extended to Regulated gambling products: entered into force in March 2019, the private operators save for lotteries, unclear. In February 2021, the Finance cover online. Sports betting, horse race betting, provisions of which are substantially the which are controlled by the Minister of Austria announced a Status: There remain valid arguments poker, casino, bingo and lottery. same as the 2012 Betting Law, save for state monopoly. wide-ranging set of proposals to that the existing regime is incompatible Operator type: All products are minor amends introduced to address Status: The Danish online gambling reform gambling in Austria. Proposals with Belgium’s EU Treaty obligations. available to private operators except for EU incompatibility concerns under the regime went live on 1 January 2012. include the establishment of a new Active enforcement measures lotteries, which are reserved exclusively previous law (such as the requirement ISP-blocking measures are active in the independent regulator and the against operators and players are in for the monopoly provider. Private to have a local branch in order to obtain jurisdiction and the Danish Gaming Building an omnichannel future for European casinos July 2021