understand that every market has its own peculiarities and specialities .”
However , Casino Luzern ’ s customer characteristics do not influence the revenue streams through both channels , due to Switzerland ’ s regulatory landscape .
“ We have very high tax rates in Switzerland and we have more or less the same tax rates offline and online ,” Bliem says . “ So it doesn ’ t make sense for us to shift revenue from one channel to the other .”

13 online product to land-based customers and vice versa ; working with a single view of customer activity allows Rank to support its venues via digital marketing channels . The use of a consolidated customer database is vital in supporting land-based locations via online , Pettemerides says .

Alternatively , as online gambling grows in popularity , operators are reaching out to local land-based players to advertise the benefits of their online counterparts . For Wolfgang Bliem , CEO of Casino Luzern , the location of the casino is also a benefit – the property in itself is an advertising asset .
“ It ’ s how we take advantage when we promote our offline business to the online world . One advantage is we are located in the middle of Switzerland ,” says Bliem .
“ We reach out to those who are closer to provide them with events , promotions , invitations to fine dining .”
According to Pettemerides , marketing Rank ’ s online business to land-based customers helps generate revenue from both channels .
“ Marketing our online proposition to our land-based customers has supported the growth of our digital business organically ,” he says .
“ 44 % of net gaming revenue in the digital business in the last full financial year , pre-Covid , was coming from multichannel customers . So venue customers , playing with us online , has underpinned our digital growth in recent years .”
Alternatively , Bliem emphasises the individuality of customer characteristics .
“ There is a very famous machine , only famous in Switzerland , it ’ s the Super Cherry from 1995 ,” he explains . “ And this machine was transformed to an online machine , and it is now one of the most successful online games in Switzerland . So it ’ s important to
Although it seems sensible to market to online customers when promoting a land-based casino , the marketing of Casino Luzern offers an alternative perspective .
“ Taking Switzerland , we have one operation and Switzerland has around 8.5 million residents ,” says Bliem . “ We target our own land-based customers for our online customers .”
It ’ s less a case of growing the audience by targeting new customers online for Casino Luzern , and more a way to engage existing patrons outside the property . Bliem argues there are inherent differences between landbased and online customers .
“ There are smaller overlays between the two channels , because there is a difference in behaviour from land-based to online ,” he says .
Yet Pettemerides says Grosvenor ’ s unified land-based and online gaming
July 2021