IASC 25 years - Page 96

ing the experience in developing and facilitating a educators in science conferences and expeditions, science conference session. The inclusion of early supporting science communication training activi- career researchers in IASC working groups is also ties, and reaching out to a broader audience. Where starting to occur. It is now ‘normal’ to have people APECS cannot take sole credit for this change as from all career stages involved in IASC activities. many of the IASC leaders also pushed this, the sharing of ideas and tools used by APECS has helped An example of how including early career research- create many new IASC outreach efforts including ers can help to stimulate IASC activities can been videos and a Facebook presence. This shift to en- seen with the ART Project, of which many early gage more in science outreach can also be demon- APECS leaders were part. The founding group of strated by IASC´s involvement in the APECS-led ART included many early career people involved ‘Lessons Learned from IPY Education, Outreach and with ICARP II. They have gone on to formally estab- Communication Assessment,’ funded by ICSU and lish ART as an international and interdisciplinary sci- also supported by SCAR. This assessment is seen as ence project within IASC´s framework and are now a major achievement in setting forth new standards in the mentorship role and supporting students of for science outreach – not just with polar science, their own. This group of people will be familiar with but globally. IASC throughout their careers, and thus are positioned to shape the organization´s activities for opment of APECS, its activities and the career de- In addition to having an influence on the incor- velopment of thousands of early career researchers. poration of early career researchers in IASC ac- The foundation for the continuum of knowledge in tivities, APECS has also helped push for a shift in Arctic science is strong, thanks to IASC´s encour- what defines IASC outreach at the organizational agement in the development of the Association. We level. IASC´s outreach used to center on brochures, are only beginning to see the changes this collabo- pamphlets, and bulletins about the organization’s ration has made within IASC and science as a whole. activities; now IASC is actively engaging in the cre- We look forward to the next chapters in IASC´s histo- ation of videos, promoting the role of teachers and 95 IASC has been instrumental in supporting the devel- many years to come. ry, which will be written by today´s APECS members. 04 Cooperation with Other Organizations