IASC 25 years - Page 88

Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Kiruna, Sweden, May 2013. Photo: IASC Secretariat As an accredited observer of the Arctic Council, IASC 4 http://www.amap.no/swipa 5 http://www.arctic-council.org/arr 6 http://www.svs.is/AHDR%20II/AHDR%20II.htm 7 Forbes, D.L., H. Lantuit, V. Rachold, and H. Kremer (2011). has been supporting the work of the AC, its Working Groups (WGs) and Permanent Participants (PPs) by providing scientific expertise from all its members, including the non-Arctic countries. The interactions between IASC and the Arctic Coun- State of the Arctic Coast 2010—Scientific Review and cil resulted in a number of very successful cooper- Outlook. International Arctic Science Committee (IASC), ative projects and activities. Two of these activi- Land-Ocean Interactions in the Coastal Zone (LOICZ), In- ties, namely the above-mentioned ACIA and SAON (Chapter 2.8), can be considered joint ventures. ternational Permafrost Association (IPA), Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Program (AMAP): 168p. Additionally, over the years, IASC has substantially contributed to several Arctic Council projects, in particular by coordinating the peer-review process of the SWIPA report,4 the Arctic Resilience Report (ARR),5 and the 2nd Arctic Human Development Report (AHDR II).6 At the same time, the Arctic Council and its WGs and PPs were involved in a number of IASC activities and projects, including ICARP II (see Chapter 2.6) and the State of the Arctic Coasts 4.3 International Council for Science (ICSU) Odd Rogne 2010 report.7 Consequently, the ASSW (see Chapter 2.9) has become more important as a venue for Arc- The International Council for Science (ICSU) is an tic Council WG and PP activities. international NGO devoted to international cooperation for the advancement of science. Its members References are national scientific bodies and international scientific unions. ICSU comprises about 120 multi-dis- IUCN (1973). The Polar Bear Treaty: Agreement on Con- ciplinary national scientific members, associates servation of Polar Bears (C