IASC 25 years - Page 83

tion of an annual IASC Bulletin, which has been very During my time as Vice-President (2002-2006), I well received. Finally, IASC negotiated an agreement worked closely with one of IASC’s Presidents, Pat with AOSB to become an IASC WG on Marine Sci- Webber. He was an extremely good mentor and ence and it has established an IASC secretariat for many things he taught me I practiced later in my IASC Working Groups in the USA. position as IASC President. As already stated, I was a member of the Executive Committee from 2002 I have not only been fortunate to take part in this to 2010, first as a Vice-President and then as IASC transitional period, I have also been extremely privi- President. During this period I had the privilege to leged to work with many colleagues that have con- work with great and dedicated minds such as Byong tributed extensively to the successful development Kwon Park, David Hik, Dieter Fütterer, Jackie Greb- of IASC. It would fill three to four pages to name meier, Louwrens Hacquebord, and Peter Johnson. I them all, but I feel obliged to mention some. Orga- can never thank them enough for all the wonderful nizations like IASC will never survive without an ef- time we had together and all their support and con- fective secretariat, and a competent and dedicated tributions during my presidency. I also would like to secretary plays a vital role. Since its establishment, thank the IASC Council as a whole for all their sup- IASC has been extremely fortunate in having two port and contributions, especially during the contro- secretaries, Odd Rogne and Volker Rachold, both versial transitional period 2006-2010. Lastly but whom have played a vital and significant role. I not least, I would like to recognize my fellow country worked closely with both of them for several years, man, Niels Einarsson, who through all my IASC years and their contribution to the development and supported me not only professionally, but mentally success of IASC will never be recognized enough. as well. Central Arctic: Scientists sampling a melt pond with RV Polarstern in the background Photo: Mar Fernández-Méndez 82 03 Contributions of Former IASC Presidents