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Long before my presidency, I was an enthusiastic redressed and embraced by all IPY partners. The champion of ACIA and remain so this day. ACIA was principal IPY partners with IASC were AC, the Arctic ably led by the great advocate of arctic and global Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM), WMO, Inter- change science Bob Corell and by AMAP´s trusted governmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) and guru Lars-Otto Reiersen. Both Bob and Lars-Otto ICSU. ICARP II and the 4th IPY introduced IASC to had long associations with the early days of IASC hundreds of contributing scientists. and the forerunner of AC and I remain grateful for their collegiality. ACIA epitomized one of the func- Another of my activities was the successful applica- tions of IASC, which is to identify important science tion to ICSU for Associate membership. Membership questions and stimulate the search for solutions to in ICSU had been discussed since IASC´s inception these questions. Further, ACIA addressed import- but had languished for lack of unanimous support ant science policy issues which, at that time, were from Council. I saw ICSU membership as a way of largely avoided by IASC. neutralizing a criticism that was often leveled at IASC that it was not recognized among national I embraced and championed ASSW and ICARP I which and international scientific bodies. This membership were two of IASC´s earlier creations. These remain also strengthened our credentials for being a leader welcomed annual and decadal events, respectively, in IPY planning and execution and in forging a stron- and are a good illustration of the value of partner- ger partnership with our south polar twin SCAR ships. ASSW is a team effort with leading organi- which had been a long-standing member of ICSU. zations such as the EPB, AOSB, IASSA, FARO and NySMAC joining IASC to plan an annual stocktaking of the state of Arctic research. ASSW does much APECS and for improving the rigor of scientific pro- to maintain, strengthen, and initiate partnerships. posals. These efforts blossom and bear fruit today. At ASSW 2003 in Kiruna, I led the call for ICARP II Many of IASC´s senior scientists still act as mentors (2005), which would be another stock-taking but, to APECS, an organization that ensures that there is more importantly, a pan-arctic science planning ef- a bright future for those who wish to be part of the fort. We were immediately able to gather partners next generation of polar investigators. Much credit for ICARP II to help raise the necessary funds and for raising the quality of proposals lies with my pre- begin the process of identifying study themes and decessor David Drewry who emphasized the need leaders. Bob Corell agreed to lead the project and to develop and promote sharp ideas and questions. this ensured that the legacy of ACIA would seg- IASC´s efforts to fund only the best and most clear- ue to ICARP II. Jörn Thiede and Sara Bowden and ly formulated seed ideas contributed to the high Kristján Kristjánsson were stalwart supporters of quality of many of the more than 800 Expressions ICARP II from its inception through to the final re- of Intent submitted to the IPY Secretariat when IPY ports. was in the planning stages. It was at ASSW 2003 that the Fourth IPY (2007- Sowing and Supporting New Initiatives 2008) also crystallized and ICARP II led the way for Several new initiatives were launched during my identifying several of the themes for IPY research. I presidency, which I enthusiastically supported and have a clear recollection that social sciences were championed. Two efforts in particular were ISAC and being forgotten in the IPY agenda at ASSW 2004 in SAON. Credit for seeding these ideas, respectively, Reykjavik. Our austral colleagues seemed unaware began with Tom Pyle of OPP NSF and Odd Rogne; that the social sciences had a place in a modern IPY. however, I believe that I helped nurture their devel- I was able to lead IASC´s strong stand for the in- opment by going to bat for them at every oppor- clusion of social sciences. Naturally, colleagues from tunity. ISAC and SAON are still developing and have IASSA endorsed this stand and the omission was 77 Finally, under this heading, I list IASC´s support for a growing list of participants. Support for these 03 Contributions of Former IASC Presidents