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2.6 and human systems and their consequences to so- Second International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP II) Sara Bowden Reviewer: Kristján Kristjánsson ciety, decided to undertake preparations for a second ICARP to take place in 2005—a decade after the first such conference. Unlike ICARP I, however, which was planned almost entirely by IASC, ICARP II was designed to be an international and multidisciplinary effort involving the whole community and In spring 2003, the Arctic science community pro- with sponsors from across the breadth of Arctic sci- posed a second International Conference for Arctic ence organizations and agencies. Research Planning (ICARP II). At that time, a number of Arctic enterprises were in the midst of critical re- The organizational structure was designed to take views and publications, for example the ACIA was advantage of the growing number of Arctic orga- nearing completion and the Arctic Human Devel- nizations and to bring in their skills and expertise opment Report (AHDR) was getting underway. It in the conference planning process. The sponsors is important to note, however, that in the spring of group included representation from more than a 2003, the IPY was only a twinkle in the eye of a few dozen international Arctic organizations, including Arctic scientists, and was not yet even on the agen- Arctic Council programs, regional organizations, sci- da of any major science organization. entific associations, and others (see Table 1). These groups were invited to generate themes for the The IASC Council, at its spring 2003 meeting in working groups, reflecting the interests and needs Kiruna, Sweden, recognizing the need to better of the Arctic scientific and user communities. understand the dramatic changes in the natural Figure 1 Advisory, Management & Implementation Structure for ICARP II Ad Hoc Planning Committee - Recruit Sponsors - Draft ToR Sponsors Committee - Approve ToR - Appoint Steering Group - Advice & Oversight Dispersed Secretariat Steering Group - Reports to Sponsors Committee - Develop Conference Themes - Appoint & Advise Working Groups - Develop Conference Agenda Working Groups & Conference Attendees Working Working Working Working Working Working Group Group Group Group Group Group Publication, Integration & Implementation Group - Post Conference Activities - Publication of Conference Documents - Integration and Implementation Meeting 51 02 IASC Initiatives Conference Host Committee