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This provides a fair idea of the trajectory of the - suggest forward-looking strategic actions to be outcomes. Perhaps I would point our emphasis on taken to fulfill the IASC mission; getting the internal structure right, having more - clarify issues such as project initiation, gender social science and humanities involvement, better balance, inclusion of young scientists, and effective engagement with native peoples/first na- appointment procedures; and tion groups and wider liaison with cognate science - consult the usercommunity and learn from the bodies and organizations. SCAR review. Of course, looking back on the Review some sixteen The members of the Review and Strategy Group years on, it is no surprise that some of the same as appointed by the IASC Council were: Hajime Ito, issues were revisited in the second IASC Review Anders Karlqvist, Igor Krupnik, Hanne Petersen, Tom and Strategy report and indeed are still current to- Pyle (Chair), and Jörn Thiede. day, albeit in a somewhat different guise as science and its coordination have moved on in style and approach. Plus ça change, plus c‘est la même chose! Reference 1 IASC (1996). Review (see Background Document at http://iasc25.iasc.info/) 2 Drewry, D. (1999). Arctic Science - Opportunities and Challenges for IASC: a personal perspective. The group began in 2006 by developing several documents, including a summary of the mission of IASC, an assessment of the SCAR review and how it might provide guidance for the current undertaking, a social sciences assessment of IASC, and an assessment from new members in Asia of IASC and how it meets the needs of non-Arctic countries. The group met for a first time in April 2006 in Stockholm, Sweden where they outlined their plans for the report. During the Stockholm meeting they also developed 1.4.2 a survey on performance which was sent over the summer of 2006 to 25 Arctic organizations familiar with the work of IASC. The results of the survey were included in the Review and Strategy Report. IASC Review and Strategy 2006-2007 Sara Bowden Reviewer: Jörn Thiede The group met for a second time in January 2007 The IASC Founding Articles interestingly call for In February 2007, the report1 was transmitted by a review “five years after entry into effect of the Tom Pyle to Kristján Kristjánsson, Chair of IASC Founding Articles…” Nonetheless, the IASC Council, Council. The report provided H]Z[Y