IASC 25 years - Page 15

After the Oslo meeting, the following happened: For IASC planning, this speech was crucial as it could - The small working group (Rogne, Roots, Taagholt) be seen as backing from the largest Arctic country gathered together earlier texts as well as ideas put and contained key elements from the IASC planning forward at the Oslo meeting. This publication “Inter- documents. national Communication and Co-ordination in Arctic Science: A Proposal for Action” (Roots, Rogne, and The Stockholm Meeting Taagholt), also referred to as the RRT Report,5 is The Swedes had offered to organize the next meet- a rather comprehensive report on the need for an ing. Meanwhile Gorbachev had held his Murmansk organization like IASC and how to create an entity speech, and there were some attempts from the that would meet those needs. The report formed Soviets to get the next planning meeting in Mur- the basis for further planning (and for educating mansk. However, the decision was to keep with those who later became involved in the IASC plan- Stockholm (as preparations for that meeting were ning process). The report also drew attention to the well in progress)