IASC 25 years - Page 122

Acronym Full Name ------------------------------------------------------------ UNFCCC United Nations Framework OPP Convention on Climate Change NSF) USA United States of America ------------------------------------------------------------ USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics PACE ------------------------------------------------------------ Office of Polar Programs (of US Polynyas in a Changing Arctic Environment WG Working Group (of IASC) PAG Pacific Arctic Group WCRP World Climate Research Program PAN Polar Archaeology Network WMO World Meteorological Organization PCSP Polar Continental Shelf Program WWFN World Wildlife Fund for Nature WWW World Wide Web (Canada) PI Principal Investigator PP Permanent Participant (of the Arctic Council) -----------------------------------------------------------RAS Russian Academy of Science RRT Roots, Rogne, and Taagholt (report) SAO Senior Arctic Official SAON Sustaining Arctic Observing Network SBE Shelf Basin Exchange (working Group) SCANNET [Scandinavian Network of field research groups] SCAR Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research SCOR Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research SEARCH Study of Environmental Arctic Change SIRRO Siberian River Run-Off (project) SOOS Southern Ocean Observing System SWIPA Snow, Water, Ice, and Permafrost in the Arctic -----------------------------------------------------------UARCTIC University of the Arctic UK United Kingdom UN United Nations UNEP United Nations Environment Programme UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization 121 Appendices