IASC 25 years - Page 120

Appendix 6.5 List of Acronyms Used in the Text Acronym Full Name Acronym Full Name AARI Arctic and Antarctic Research CASES Canadian Arctic Shelf Exchange Institute Study AC Arctic Council CDIS Committee on Data and ACIA Arctic Climate Impact Assessment Information Services (SAON) ACSYS Arctic Climate System Study CE Common/Current/Christian Era ADD Arctic Environment Data Directory CEON Circumarctic Environmental AEPS Arctic Environmental Protection Observatories Network Strategy CHARLIE Committee for High Arctic AGCPO Research, Liaison, and Information Arctic Global Change Program Office Exchange AHDR CHARS Arctic Human Development Canadian High Arctic Research Report Station ALIAS Arctic Logistics Information CliC Climate and Crysophere (program) and Support CirchNet Circumpolar Health Research AMAP Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Network Programme COMMAC Coordination of Observations AOS Arctic Observing Summit and Monitoring in the Arctic for AOSB Arctic Ocean Sciences Board Assessment and Research APARD Arctic Paleo-River Discharge COMNAP Council of Managers of National APECS Association of Polar Early Career Antarctic Programs Scientists CON Committee on Observations and ARICE Arctic Research Icebreaker Networks (SAON) Consortium for Europe ------------------------------------------------------------ ARR Arctic Resilience Report DBO ART Arctic in Rapid Transitions ------------------------------------------------------------ ASOF Arctic-Subarctic Ocean Fluxes EC European Commission (program) ECOPS European Committee on Ocean ASSW Arctic Science Summit Week and Polar Sciences ATCM Antarctic Treaty Consultative EEZ European Economic Zone Meeting ELOISE European Land-Ocean Interaction AWI Studies Alfred Wegener Institute Distributed Biological Observatory ------------------------------------------------------------ EPB European Polar Board BASIS Barents Sea Impact Study ESF European Science Foundation BCE Before the Common/Current/ ESSP Earth System Science Partnership Christian Era EU European Union BESIS Bering Sea Impact Assessment EXCOM Executive Committee (of SCAR) BipAG Bipolar Action Group (of IASC and ------------------------------------------------------------ SCAR) FAR First Assessment Report ------------------------------------------------------------ FARO Forum of Arctic Research CAFF Operators Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna FATE CAI Ecosystems Comité Arctique International FRG 119 00 06 Appendices Feedbacks from Arctic Terrestrial Federal Republic of Germany