IASC 25 years - Page 114

Appendix 6.3 List of IASC Projects, Networks and Action Groups IASC Projects plan of the IASC Working Group on Arctic Glaciology. Recognizing the need to come up with tangible This WG was also very active in creating linkages outcomes within a reasonable period of time, in to related scientific groups (e.g. ICSI) and bringing the early 1990s IASC being a new organization younger scientists to their annual meetings/work- agreed to follow a project-oriented structure. A shops. set of international projects with clearly defined content and objectives as well as a timeline and reporting mechanism was established. FATE: Feedbacks and Arctic Terrestrial Ecosystems Year of approval: 1996 A project of the IASC-GCTE Arctic Working Group. BASIS: Barents Sea Impacts Study Year of approval: 1996 FATE was actively promoting, coordinating and ini- BASIS aimed to provide an integrated assess- and international funding bodies with the aim of ment of global change impacts on cultural and carrying out truly international research concerned socio-economic systems dependent on renewable with the key science questi