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dinating applications to national (and multinational) funding opportunities. In addition to managing the seed money, the IASC Secretariat has served as a funding advisor (see Chapter 1.3). IASC Medal Since 2010, IASC awards a Medal in recognition of exceptional and sustained contributions to the understanding of the Arctic. A maximum of one award is made annually and each year the nominations received are reviewed by an IASC Medal Committee, comprising three IASC Council members. The award of medals is normally made by the President of IASC during the ASSW, or exceptionally at another major international meeting. The Medal has become a very prestigious award and each year IASC is receiving a number of outstanding nominations. 2010 The first IASC Medal was awarded in 2010 to Patrick Webber, Professor Emeritus of Plant Biology at Michigan State University and former IASC President. Patrick Webber was recognized for his life-long scientific contributions as well as for the promotion of Arctic research in general through inspiring mentorship and leadership. 2011 The 2011 IASC Medal was awarded to Martin Jakobsson (University of Stockholm) who represents a new generation of Arctic scientists for whom multinational and cross-disciplinary science comes naturally. His view that data should be open and accessible for research is part of his success as illustrated by the wide use of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Arctic Ocean (IBCAO). 2012 The 2012 IASC Medal was awarded to Igor Krupnik (Smithsonian Institute) for making scientists, decision-makers and the general public aware that the Arctic is not only about ice and polar bears but also about its inhabitants; for bridging between natural and social sciences as well as to the knowledge of the indigenous Arctic residents; and for invaluable contributions to the success of the IPY. 2013 In 2013, Leif Anderson (University of Gothenburg) was honored for his pioneering work on the functioning of the Arctic Ocean and his groundbreaking scientific contributions to understanding the chemistry and carbon cycle of this very special ocean system. 2014 The 2014 Medal was awarded to Julian Dowdeswell (Scott Polar Research Institute at University of Cambridge) as a World leader in the field of Arctic glaciology, recognizing his outstanding and unique contributions to the understanding of glacier dynamics and ocean-ice sheet interactions. 100 05 IASC Secretariat