I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 6

Nowadays blogging is a very popular phenomenon especially among teenagers and young women. Internet is filled with more and more lifestyle blogs. I interviewed Emma from the blog. It's my dance floor, which has now over 800 followers. It’s my dance floor stands out from the mass of lifestyle blogs with its writer’s colorful persona, artfulness and unique and dark style. Emma had always been interested in writing and later also in photographing, so 2.5 years ago, when she found out about blogging her interest sparked and she decided to try blogging as a hobby. Along with blogging Emma has and has had many other hobbies. Emma has danced for about 11 years but is now keeping a break from it, because of her other hobbies which include singing in her school’s choir and band and attending musical theater classes in a Finland’s largest and grandest music theater, Palatsi. Emma also studies in musical theater oriented high school. – Janita Karra Peace is another word for impossible. Many people are enthralled with this kind thought. Even me, I admit that I sometimes think that way, too. But who would not? There’s no day when we can’t hear news about conflagrations between nations, bombings, protests, and killings. We are living in a pugnacious world. A world where peace has been lost for a very long time now, yet no one cares to seek for it. This is a lugubrious truth that all of us should face. In this world, peace is just an elusive dream. But did it ever occur to us that this dream might come into reality if we have the sincere desire to achieve it? Change for the better. This is what we need. If one desires to attain peace, one shall also know the changes that should be done in order to get this. The change that I’m talking about is the change in how you treat people. Treat everyone nicely, especially your enemies. Learn how to forgive them. You might see this as a little thing, but I strongly believe that if this act will be done by everyone, then peace cannot be longer dubbed as insuperable. I must say that it is not definitely a walk in the park to do this. It is tough way, actually. To obtain peace is indeed arduous, but definitely, not impossible. - Kimberly D. Penoliar PAGE 2 SHARE & CARE ‘SHARE’ – A word used very frequently in our day-to-day lives. For instance, we share our homes with our family members, we shareour lunch with our friends, companies share their profits, we shareour experiences, ideas and feelings, we share our most precious moments of joy with our loved ones…and the list is endless! Sharing is actually a feeling; a feeling which brings a million dollar smile on everyone’s face. It is a beautiful amalgamation of joyous emotions which makes the other person understand how much we care for them. The world around us is so big. Everyone needs love and sharing is the best way to spread it. We, as individuals, have the potential to do this. Let us help the poor and needy by sharing our food and clothes with them. Let us not restrict ourselves to our own communities but act as global citizens and serve the world. Let us thank God for this beautiful and precious life and make an effort to beautify other people’s lives in the same manner. So, in the end, I would like to say – “SHARE and CARE”. – Ishan Arora