I-Magzz: Turkish Version Volume-III,Issue-III | Page 2

From the Editor’s Desk We’re finally ready with the 1st edition of our e-magazine, which is the result of the collaborative efforts of the students and teachers of so many schools all across the globe. It was a moment of joy for us as we sat down to compile the contents of the magazine. It is rejuvenating to see students from different countries, cultures, religions, backgrounds and languages come on together on a common platform to voice their opinions on different aspects of life. This edition has been very special. During the past few months, we witnessed an active participation from members of countries like Sweden, Turkey, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, Italy,Hungary and many others. We had all become a part of a small, virtual family. Generally, we while away our time on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. But through this project, we got an opportunity to get an in depth knowledge of each other’s’ cultures and viewpoints on different topics such as fashion, food, sports, music, community service, schools, etc. To promote the idea that peace or collaboration between countries cannot be restricted to the boundaries was our main goal. We are happy that we have been successful to create a global community where every member is free to voice his/her opinion. We really had a great time in compiling the contents of the magazine. And also, we apologize for we could not accommodate all the articles in the magazine. Also, we are excited for the 2nd issue but before that, we look forward to your feedback as that will help us in creating a better issue, the next time. Until then, let’s all continue to make ourselves heard through this wonderful project: ‘I-Magzz: Making Myself Heard, Season 2’. Sincerely yours, Mayank Sharma & Ishan Arora, Designers and Editors Teacher Co-ordinator: Ms. Geeta Rajan Technical Expertise: Mr. Naveen Gupta Web-Master: Mukesh Garg