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Grammy Awards is one of the most important awards in the music world. The first edition of the Grammy Awards was on 4 May 1951 and initially it was named Gramophone Award for the fact that the prize is a golden gramophone. The Grammy Awards are considered the equivalent of the Academy Awards in the movie world and are delivered to 105 categories, divided over 30 musical genres ranging from pop to gospel to hip hop. As in the case of the Oscars, the choice of the winner is preceded by a vote of experts, in this case member of the Recording Academy. – Francesca, Manuel DANCE- By Hemanshi Dance is the utmost language of both body and soul.I had never given much thought to dancing and took it only as a hobby.But gradually i started loving this fine art and this exercise became the greatest stress buster for me. MY INTRODUCTION Hippies culture in the beginning was a youth movement that began in the USA during the sixties and was diffused in all the world. These people created a “counterculture” with their communities. They listened to psychedelic rock, were favourable to the sexual revolution and to the use of drugs like hallucinogens and cannabis. Hippies tried to go against the political and economic system of society, against the moral and social rules, against the conformist principles of the ordinary people, and they wanted to find a new sense of life. Thanks to their style of dressing they wanted to make explicit the respect of personal rights. - Evelyn Mauricio, BovinoIlaria, ResulajVjola e Cavezzan Chiara - PAGE 10 I like listening to Drake, Eminem, Chris Brown, just rap and hip-hop in general. But I like non hip-hop artists too, like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake. I come from Denmark and go to Hoerup Central Skole. – Laura Paulsen