Maximum Yield Cannabis USA April/May 2018 | Page 48

learn by Kent Gruetzmacher RE FOR E H M T S I OO R t ? f s a i Cr nab n a C 48 grow. heal. learn. enjoy. With mega weed corporations emerging, will there still be a place in the industry for craft cannabis producers? If the craft beer vertical is any indication, craft cannabis will have to walk a very fine line to survive. Kent Gruetzmacher explains. C raft cannabis is carefully produced with originality, creativity, and zeal. It’s the true representation of the horticulturist turned artist. Craft growers infuse a carefully balanced mix of environmental control, irrigation procedure, and genetic manipulation into their creative processes. They produce exceptional flowers that are unique to specific locations and methods. These flowers are singular in their existence, like a rare bottle of wine. Craft cannabis products are virtually impossible to create on an industrial scale and attempting to reproduce craft methods in mass production dilutes the integrity of the process by removing the intuitive touch of the master gardener.