Hydrocarbon Processing Issue 04 - Page 16

S E R V O T O U G H OxyExact 2200 SUPPORTING SERVOTOUGH Built to meet the extreme challenges of measuring gases in hot and hazardous environments, the SERVOTOUGH process and combustion analyzers integrate Servomex’s exceptional analytical performance into a highly robust and resilient design. HIGH-SPEC PROCESS O 2 ANALYZER OFFERS SAFE OR HAZARDOUS AREA CONTROL WITH UP TO SIX TRANSMITTERS Optimized for hazardous area use, and utilizing both extractive and in-situ analysis techniques, common gas measurements receive higher level analysis for light hydrocarbons and combustibles; this makes SERVOTOUGH analyzers ideal for extensive use within most hydrocarbon processing applications. PROCESS MONITORING The OxyExact 2200 high-specification O 2 analyzer offers an unrivaled combination of precision, flexibility and performance for optimum process and safety control. The OxyExact can be configured with a safe or hazardous area control unit with up to six transmitters. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Zone 1 certified to ATEX Cat 2, IECEx and FM/CSA Class 1 Div 1 Three enclosure systems allow sampling of any flammable gas up to 100% O 2 and pressures of up to 40psi HAZARDOUS AREA GAS MEASURES O 2 % APPLICATION PERCENT PROCESS CONTROL OXYGEN High-temperature version eliminates the need to condense hot sample prior to analysis SIL 2 compliant SAFETY Manufactured to the highest specifications using custom-designed stainless steel enclosures, SERVOTOUGH analyzers are intrinsically safe and certified to the uppermost safety standards. APPLICATIONS PRODUCT Oxidation control reactions SENSING TECHNOLOGY EO, PTA and EDC manufacturing Catalyst regeneration Solvent recovery S E R V O T O U G H Oxy 1800 ACCURATE AND STABLE SAFE AREA O 2 ANALYZER FEATURES AND BENEFITS Designed to reliably measure percent O 2 in many safety-critical industrial applications, the Oxy 1800 is a stable, accurate and highly specific O 2 analyzer for safe area use. Internal/external use (IP66/NEMA 4X rated) Special version for solvent-bearing samples Range of alarm outputs aids integration with other systems SAFE AREA GAS MEASURES O 2 % APPLICATION PERCENT PROCESS CONTROL OXYGEN S E R V O T O U G H SpectraScan 2400 REVOLUTIONARY INLINE REAL-TIME ANALYSIS OF HYDROCARBON COMPONENTS C1-C6 A real time optical analyzer utilizing the Precisive field-proven optical bench, the SpectraScan 2400 delivers a breakthrough capability in the continuous analysis of light hydrocarbons C1-C6. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Tunable band-pass filter enables simultaneous scanning of selected wavelength bands for gases including methane, ethane, propane and iso-butane APPLICATIONS Waste water treatment North American Cat 1, Div 2 ATEX Cat 3 IECEx Zone 2 Unique tunable filter process with Infared photometer technology delivers industry- leading interference compensation SAFETY Food storage APPLICATIONS Marine inerting applications Inert blanketing BTU/Wobbe content measurement SENSING TECHNOLOGY HAZARDOUS AREA GAS MEASURES CO % CARBON MONOXIDE PERCENT CV CO 2 CARBON DIOXIDE APPLICATION PROCESS CONTROL CALORIFIC VALUE C1-C6 HYDROCARBONS QUALITY H 2 S HYDROGEN SULFIDE SENSING TECHNOLOGY Gas turbine, engines, fuel cells Flare stack monitoring S E R V O T O U G H Oxy 1900 AWARD-WINNING PARAMAGNETIC DIGITAL O 2 ANALYZER DESIGNED FOR HAZARDOUS AREA USE Offering industry-standard features alongside revolutionary, value-added options, the Oxy 1900 O 2 gas analyzer sets new standards of flexibility, stability and reliability from a single, cost-effective unit. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Can be used in Safe Area to Zone 1/Div 1 hazard-rated locations Heated sample cell allowing simplified sample system requirements Unique Servomex Flowcube flow sensor technology for improved safety HAZARDOUS AREA GAS MEASURES O 2 % OXYGEN APPLICATION PERCENT PROCESS CONTROL SIL 2 compliant APPLICATIONS SAFETY S E R V O T O U G H SpectraExact 2500 RUGGED PHOTOMETRIC GAS ANALYZER FOR DEMANDING PROCESS APPLICATIONS FEATURES AND BENEFITS Servomex’s iconic industry-leading Photometric analyzer delivers flexible single and multi- component gas analysis capability for corrosive, toxic and flammable sample streams. The SpectraExact 2500’s reliable, accurate and stable real-time online process analysis makes it ideal for a range of process, combustion and emissions gas analysis applications. Easy integration with DCS – from 4-20mA to Modbus TCP IECEx and North American hazardous area approvals Sample cell and electronics segregated – for easy maintenance and safe operation APPLICATIONS Water in EDC/solvents Process control Ethylene production Safety-critical oxidation, such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide purity TDI production Flare stack analysis SENSING TECHNOLOGY Chlorine production HAZARDOUS AREA MEASURES GAS APPLICATION % ? TOXIC PERCENT ppm ? FLAMMABLE PROCESS CONTROL TRACE ? CORROSIVE SENSING TECHNOLOGY Vapor recovery P16 FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT servomex.expert/gas-analyzers FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT servomex.expert/gas-analyzers P17 P3