Hydrocarbon Processing Issue 04 | Page 8

PRODUCT FOCUS ACCURATE AND RELIABLE MULTI-GAS ANALYSIS MAKE THE SWITCH TO DIGITAL O 2 ANALYSIS SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900 SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 Servomex has decades of experience in supplying the gas analysis technologies needed to control processes, guarantee product purity and ensure plant safety. With the long-serving SERVOPRO 4100 multi-gas analyzer reaching the end of its life, the advanced SERVOPRO MultiExact 4100 has picked up the baton to continue the tradition of accuracy and dependability. A digital multi-gas analyzer, the MultiExact 4100 can be configured with up to four of Servomex’s world-leading sensors for simultaneous gas measurements, including oxygen, nitrogen, methane, nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide, argon, helium and carbon dioxide. This also makes it simple to duplicate analyzer configurations using a thumb drive. SENSING TECHNOLOGIES: The MultiExact 4100 is backwards compatible with many current installations, including the legacy 4100, and complies with existing standards and agreements. This makes it easy to upgrade and achieve the high-performance measurement stability and advanced digital communications capabilities of a modern analyzer platform. It also offers built-in support for Servomex's AquaXact 1688 moisture transmitter, allowing touchscreen control and easy field replacement of the Aluminum Oxide ultra-thin film sensor tip. Low cost of ownership is delivered through Servomex’s ultra-stable, non- depleting digital sensing technologies, which help extend maintenance intervals. An independent auto-calibration function helps to keep operational and maintenance expenses to a minimum. This also provides a connected AquaXact 1688 with access to the MultiExact 4100’s 32 alarms, 32 relays and full range of analog and digital communications, including 0-10V DC, 4-20mA, RS232, RS485, serial Modbus, Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP and PROFIBUS. An intuitive, icon-driven color touchscreen makes it easy to interact with the MultiExact 4100. The device also has a USB serial port to allow data logging and software upgrades. The flexibility of the MultiExact 4100 means it is suitable for a wide range of applications, including monitoring combustion processes using oxygen enrichment – see page 06. That makes it more important than ever before to upgrade any existing 1900A/1900B installations to the much more advanced SERVOTOUGH Oxy 1900 digital analyzer. ALUMINUM OXIDE Watch our MultiExact 4100 product video: servomex.expert/video-me4100 P08 Spares support for the analog legacy version of Servomex’s hazardous area Paramagnetic oxygen (O 2 ) analyzer, the 1900A/1900B, has now come to an end. The Oxy 1900 was specifically designed to match or exceed its predecessor in every department, and has delivered proven reliability to processes around the world for several years, providing the compliances and features that modern engineers expect. It sets the highest standards for accurate, reliable O 2 analysis in challenging industrial conditions, providing significant improvements over competing hazardous area O 2 analyzers. A digital, microprocessor-based analyzer, the Oxy 1900 uses Servomex’s trusted Paramagnetic O 2 sensing technology. This ensures fully up-to-date O 2 analysis, meeting current process demands for even the most demanding applications. The Oxy 1900 provides efficient, complete sample heating for greater measurement stability, and advanced software that enables the analyzer to self-diagnose faults and issues. It also has a unique Flowcube sensor to guarantee low-flow indication during normal operation, and an integrated pressure compensation system to enable tighter process control if the sample pressure varies. Options available include an innovative heated sample bulkhead, which eliminates the need for a sample conditioning system on samples with a dew point up to 50 o C (122 o F). Sample system failure is the cause of around 80% of all Paramagnetic replacements, so this provides peace of mind by maintaining the process fluid in its gas phase, minimizing analyzer damage from sample compensation. APPLICATIONS INCLUDE: Process control Safety critical oxidation (such as ethylene oxide and propylene oxide purity) Feedstock clean-up Inerting/blanketing Flare stack analysis Vapor recovery Delivering trusted reliability in hazardous areas, the Oxy 1900 is certified for ATEX Cat 2, IECEx Zone 1 and CSA Class 1, Div 1, and complies with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2. Using an improved temperature coefficient, it is ideal for regions of the world with variable weather conditions and extreme temperature swings, such as the Middle East and Asia. Expert views on O 2 measurements: servomex.expert/video-oxygen P09