Hydrocarbon Processing Issue 04 | Page 20

S E R V O T O U G H DF-340E HIGH-SENSITIVITY TRACE/ PERCENT COULOMETRIC OXYGEN ANALYZER CERTIFIED FOR HAZARDOUS AREA USE Designed for heated or external locations, the DF-340E remains stable in changing sample and flow rate conditions, and is designed to provide measurements of trace or percent level oxygen in pure gas streams and multi-gas backgrounds. It is ideal for upset-prone conditions. HAZARDOUS AREA FEATURES AND BENEFITS ATEX II and IECEx certified Class 1/Div 2 Groups A, B, C and D certified Suitable for outdoor installation, with NEMA 4-rated sensor enclosure options Multiple background gas stream monitoring, with simplified ongoing maintenance requirements GAS MEASURES O 2 ULTRA TRACE APPLICATION ppb ppm OXYGEN PROCESS CONTROL TRACE APPLICATIONS QUALITY Pressure swing absorber N 2 skids Reactor process control Blanketing and inerting SENSING TECHNOLOGY Oil refinery monitoring SERVOPRO SUPPORTING The SERVOPRO range makes Servomex’s reliable, stable and accurate gas measurements available to a diverse range of safe area applications. An extensive range of non-depleting Servomex gas sensing technologies – including Paramagnetic, Zirconium Oxide, Thermal Conductivity, Plasma and Gas Chromatography – are integrated into flexible analyzers that either meet specific measurement requirements, such as for syngas, hydrocarbons or trace gas mixtures, or provide multi- gas monitoring capabilities for applications including air separation unit (ASU) production and continuous emissions monitoring (CEMS). PROCESS Designed for benchtop use, or mounting in a 19” rack, all SERVOPRO analyzers feature extensive functionality, remote communication options and can be operated directly via intuitive onboard software. MONITORING PRODUCT Petrochemical process monitoring H2scan HAZARDOUS AREA EXPLOSION-PROOF IN-LINE HYDROGEN PROCESS ANALYZER, USING A SOLID-STATE, NON- CONSUMABLE SENSOR CONFIGURED TO OPERATE IN PROCESS GAS STREAMS The H2scan hydrogen process analyzer features thin film technology that provides a direct hydrogen measurement that is not cross-sensitive to other gases. FEATURES AND BENEFITS UL Class 1, Div 1, Groups B, C, D. ATEX & CSA certifications Easily configurable alongside SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan 2400 Simple system integration GAS MEASURES H 2 % APPLICATION PERCENT PROCESS CONTROL HYDROGEN APPLICATIONS Refinery Petrochemical S E R V O M E X AquaXact 1688 A FAST, ACCURATE AND RESILIENT MOISTURE MEASUREMENT SOLUTION The AquaXact 1688 is a rugged ultra-thin film Aluminum Oxide moisture sensor that enables the measurement of moisture in a wide variety of gas phase process applications, such as glove boxes, air separation units, natural gas processing, transportation, and instrument air, with no calibration required after sensor replacement or dry-out. QUALITY FEATURES AND BENEFITS G A S D E T E C T I O N OxyDetect Life safety monitor designed for safe area or hazardous area environments, utilizing superior performance of non-depleting Hummingbird Paramagnetic O 2 sensing technology. No more false readings or false alarms caused by depleting cell technologies ppmv PROCESS CONTROL Stainless steel, weatherproof casing (Class 1 Div 2 in 2019) enables operation in ambient temperatures ranging from -10 o C to +70 o C Ethylene production SERVOMEX GAS O 2 OXYGEN MEASURES APPLICATION % PERCENT SAFETY SIL 2 compliant AN ADVANCED DIGITAL MULTI-GAS CEMS ANALYZER FEATURES AND BENEFITS Specifically designed for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS) of flue gas, the SERVOPRO 4900 Multigas provides up to four simultaneous gas stream measurements. It combines Servomex’s leading-edge sensing technologies with a modern digital platform for next-generation performance. ALUMINUM OXIDE A comprehensive solution for CEMS analysis of multiple flue gas components Low maintenance and cost of ownership Advanced digital communications including Ethernet, Modbus TCP/IP and PROFIBUS Automated calbration/validation routines triggered by internal timer or external triggers Pharmaceutical plants SENSING TECHNOLOGY S E R V O P R O 4900 Multigas APPLICATIONS SAFE AREA GAS MEASURES MULTIPLE % APPLICATION PERCENT ppm EMISSIONS TRACE Completely updated icon-driven software interface for easy set-up and operation SENSING TECHNOLOGY Helium production and storage APPLICATIONS Semiconductor facilities Laboratories & universities POINT WATER Compressed air generation H2scan thin film The most reliable O 2 detector on the market DEW H 2 O Solder reflow ovens SENSING TECHNOLOGY IP66 (indoor use only) APPLICATION Glove boxes Industrial gas supply FEATURES AND BENEFITS Functions as a standalone 4-20mA transmitter or remotely interfaces with our digital controller, MonoExact DF310E and MultiExact 4100 NIST-traceable field-replaceable sensor element, for hassle-free recalibration MEASURES GAS APPLICATIONS Manufacturing NON-DEPLETING PARAMAGNETIC OXYGEN MONITOR DESIGNED FOR LIFE SAFETY APPLICATIONS SAFE AREA Utility boilers SENSING TECHNOLOGY Chemical incinerators Crematoria Mobile labs P20 FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT servomex.expert/gas-analyzers FOR THE FULL RANGE OF ANALYZERS VISIT servomex.expert/gas-analyzers P21