Hydrocarbon Processing Issue 04 | Page 14

SERVICE FOCUS HP PRODUCT GUIDE Hydrocarbon processing (HP) is one of the most demanding industries in the world. High levels of productivity must be achieved while constantly maintaining the very highest safety standards. DELIVERING PEACE OF MIND TO YOUR ANALYZER SET-UPS Effective gas analysis is a critical component of all HP processes, typically requiring a wide range of measurements to ensure the safe, optimized running of the process. MARK CALVERT, SERVOMEX’S SERVICE MANAGER FOR THE EMEAI REGION, EXPLAINS THE BENEFITS OF COMMISSIONING FOR YOUR ANALYZER OR SYSTEM. Correct installation and configuration of your analyzer is essential to ensure it provides optimum performance and that it meets your compliance and operational needs from the outset. Servomex’s highly trained commissioning engineers provide a fast, seamless and comprehensive service that supports your process. They will assess installation suitability and commission your analytical equipment to perform safely, accurately and reliably. This delivers optimum performance from your analyzer or system, and qualifies the analyzer for an additional warranty period. A customized Return on your An engineer will provide a fully customized commissioning program that meets your compliance and operational needs. They will then hand over control to your in-house technicians with a face-to-face training session. Commissioning ensures you get the best return from your analyzer. It helps avoid costly process inefficiencies and ongoing maintenance costs caused by incorrectly installed equipment. solution Optimize your performance An analyzer commissioned by Servomex eliminates the operational errors caused by incorrect installation. This avoids the dangers of compromised plant safety, and ensures analyzer operation is tailored to suit your process requirements. As the world leader in gas analysis, Servomex analyzers and systems are used extensively in midstream and downstream HP processes covering refining and the production of chemicals, petrochemicals, natural gas and fuels. Supported by a global network of service and support, Servomex analyzers are chosen with confidence by HP operators worldwide in the knowledge that they guarantee operational safety, product quality and process efficiency. FIND YOUR PRODUCT NOW investment Health Check protection You can protect your analyzer for two years by purchasing a Servomex Health Check with your Commissioning package. We will validate your analyzer’s performance after the first year of installation, and provide you with a further 12-month warranty. HOW-TO GUIDE Commissioning by one of Servomex’s highly-trained engineers can avoid the problems an incorrectly installed system can bring, ensuring customers have someone present on site with the knowledge, experience and expertise when it counts. This means customers can achieve maximum levels of performance, reliability and, often, cost saving from their analyzer from day one. Servomex Service Network offers your business a full range of service products developed to ensure optimum process performance. Contact your local Servomex Business Center today to find out more and protect your investment. Get the expert support you need: servomex.expert/service P14 These rugged, resilient analyzers are custom designed to perform in the most extreme process conditions; our expertise, combined with a detailed applications knowledge, ensures the best gas analysis solution is delivered to your plant. GAS MEASURES O 2 % APPLICATION PERCENT OXYGEN COMBUSTION CO CARBON MONOXIDE PROCESS CONTROL CO 2 CARBON DIOXIDE SAFETY SENSING TECHNOLOGY For the full range of Servomex analyzers, visit servomex.expert/gas-analyzers P15