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Make sure the HP switch below the thermostat is on *
60 70
50 80 º F
During the wet and cold months , keep the heater on and window cracked to keep an airflow to prevent mold . Please keep windows shut when you have the air conditioning on . If problems arise with air conditioning or heating , a Facility Service Request form must be filled out at the Atrium Customer Service Desk for repair .
When the outside temperature is above 68 ° the entire building will go into AC mode . The heater will not come on . When the outside temperature reaches 55 °, the heater will run for the building , from 55 ° - 68 °, only the fan will run . Open a window if the room gets warm at night .
* If the AC is not working properly , shut off the HP switch , wait 5 minutes and turn it back on . Allow 30 minutes to see if the unit is working correctly .