Hult Alumni Magazine Hult Alumni Magazine 2020 | Page 2

The Future of Work By any estimation, the end of this decade marks a dramatic time of change for work and for workers. The future of work comes up in almost every conversation with employers, policy makers, students, and at our own school with faculty. How will work change in the next decade? What are the core technologies that will shape work? How will the employer/ employee relationship change? And what is the role of educators in skilling the future workforce? Whenever this topic comes up, we find that there are three major themes that shape the conversation. First, there’s the discussion around artificial intelligence and the impact that it will have on automation of jobs. Will artificial intelligence change the fundamental nature of work and, if so, what are the opportunities for us as a society to make choices in how work will be automated to benefit the many rather than the few? The second theme relates to the changing nature of the structure of work. In the US and increasingly in Europe and other developed economies, we see dramatic changes in the structure of work. In what is often referred to as the “gig” economy, an increasing number of workers are in independent assignments whether they work for a larger company on a contract basis or maintain independence by working on a number of part-time projects. The third theme relates to how we prepare the workforce with 21st- century skills for future jobs that are not yet even defined today. All talent will need to constantly upgrade skills, whether through on-the-job training, new certifications, or lifelong learning. As educators we constantly challenge ourselves to anticipate the future needs of employers and to continue to develop new educational pathways for current students as well as for our alumni. In this issue of the Hult Alumni Magazine we explore the many paths that Hult graduates are taking in the new world of work. Demonstrating the benefits of a “growth mindset,” one of the core tenets of the Hult curriculum, Hult alumni are thriving in a rapidly changing world that constantly demands new skills and ways of working. Through the many stories in this edition we explore how alumni are tackling their jobs and creating vibrant high-impact careers. Thriving in times of change requires adaptability and resiliency— both hallmarks of the Hult experience. Thriving at work also requires passion and a commitment to purpose; these are values that drive Hult alumni to make a difference in the world. Through this magazine we share how Hult alumni demonstrate these capabilities in roles in every discipline and throughout every part of the world. Katharine Boshkoff Vice President, Global Career Development and Alumni Relations, Hult International Business School Jacob Cherian Photographed by Joupin Ghamsari in London, UK