HSE International ISSUE 100 - Page 39

“In regards to compliance, it is a major development for our clients to be able to log in and instantly view a comprehensive status update for each of the assets,” Alan added. WORK IN THE COMMUNITY Involvement with the community is of paramount importance to Skyform. The company considers itself as part of the community, with the belief that actually helping locally is an important part of business and not just something to choose to do. “At Skyform we understand that local businesses and communities are closely linked and that we can have a significant impact on our surroundings as a whole. We play an active role in contributing to these communities, through direct financial support and through the support of our Directors and staff who take part in activities organised both by us and individually. Our Directors and staff are involved in regional Chambers of Commerce, local council initiatives and other business group activities. We also provide work placements for local students and support for educational establishments”, Alan explained. This year, Skyform sponsored Phae Pritchard, Centrica Energy Project Manager for part of a training exercise for her Ice Warrior Project - an expedition to the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility. The project selects and trains members of the public from all walks of life to become modern-day explorers. Regarding her conditioning trip to Svalbard, Phae commented: “I wanted to share a few photos with Skyform from our training trip to Svalbard. The temperature was positively warm at only -16 to -20 ambient temp but it was still bad enough for me to get frost nip in my fingers during our hypothermia test! “I just wanted to say thank you so much for your ongoing support towards my goal of reaching the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility.” CAREERS Due to the expanding nature of the business, Skyform has and continues to offer various job opportunities. In January, the company took on 6 engineers specialising in statutory inspections and lifting equipment. Alan continued: “In terms of career development, we continue to train our employees and a number of our guys are taking LEEA Diploma courses at the moment. We have several people who are going through Level 4 and Level 7 Siemens training and we’re also putting a lot of the guys through smaller training courses such as Latchways, Pressure Systems and Fire Extinguishers.” “There are routes available to becoming an elite engineer, and then onto supervisor positions on site, with ongoing potential for further career progression in the company,” Alan added. In closing, Alan commented: “Sadly a few months ago, there was a fatality in Germany on man riding equipment and the sort of questions that were being asked included, “Was it serviced, was it maintained and were the workers trained in use?”. “In this industry, safety is beyond paramount and if any issues were to arise, we would be more th