HSE International ISSUE 100 - Page 15

because the award recognises the incredible international growth the organisation has demonstrated in recent years, but also because it has highlighted how NEBOSH has helped to raise health and safety standards in all corners of the world. NEBOSH Development Manager, Barry Wilkes commented: “Through our qualifications and the tutorship of our accredited course providers, people throughout the world are not only acquiring vital health, safety and environmental knowledge, they are also learning how to apply this knowledge in a practical sense in their places of work. “Application of this knowledge leads to many things better standards of safety, improvements in health and fewer risks in the workplace. It protects employers from prosecution, damaged reputations and unnecessary costs. Most importantly, it can prevent unnecessary injuries at work and ultimately save lives.” Each year, NEBOSH representatives speak regularly at a wide range of international events and conferences to promote excellence and good practice in health, safety and environmental management. The organisation also works closely with overseas government departments and supports the development of evolving regulatory frameworks. NEBOSH’s charitable rather than commercial status helps in this regard; it is frequently asked to act as a conduit for global networking and the sharing of good practice between governments, as well as for regulatory standards and other relevant bodies. Barry Wilkes, NEBOSH Development Manager NEBOSH is currently part of a working group formed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to develop a new ISO Standard for Occupational Health and Safety Management (ISO 45001), which is set to replace OHSAS 18001 from October 2016. NEBOSH is also a full member of INSHPO (International Network of Safety & Health Practitioner Organisations), a non-profit body which unites professional health and safety practitioner organisations throughout the world to tackle workplace risks. Involvement here has included supporting the production of a global competency framework for the occupational safety and health profession. Other charitable activities include ongoing headline sponsorship of the annual Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Occupational Health and Safety Awards. Barry Wilkes concluded: “What I’m perhaps most proud of is the way NEBOSH is always regarded as a genuine and rigorous test of vocational knowledge, skills and competence. NEBOSH qualifications are designed by health, safety and environmental experts to encourage a sensible and pragmatic approach to reducing risks in the workplace, which is why our name is so widely respected. “As a result, we really do make a big difference and this is the true story of our success. Through our qualifications and worldwide network of accredited course providers, Stuart Naylor, NEBOSH International Manager we are truly raising standards of safety, improving health, reducing risk in the workplace and improving environmental management. “What could be more important than saving lives, preventing suffering and preserving the world for future generations?” For more information about NEBOSH and its qualifications, visit: www.nebosh.org.uk HSE INTERNATIONAL 15