HPE Biosimilars: Where are we and what is next? - Page 2

Foreword 3 Giampiero Girolomoni and Paolo Gisondi
4 The evolving landscape of biosimilars – what ’ s going on ? Irene Krämer
Decision making
10 Decision making in prescribing and switching biosimilars Alain Astier
Implementation 14 Successfully introducing biosimilars : key considerations
Tim McCarthy
16 Adopting biosimilars in clinical practice : the pharmacist ’ s role Caron Underhill
Cost effectiveness
19 Cost-effectiveness analysis of biosimilars Olga Delgado Sanchez
Patient impact
22 Impact of biosimilars : the case of immune-mediated disorders Carlo Selmi
24 The importance of educating patients and prescribers Maria José Tamés , Ana Cristina Riestra , Olatz Olariaga and Gerardo Cajaraville
Content Director , Secondary Care Andrea Porter
Art Director James Depree
Executive Director Edward Burkle