HP Sustainable Impact Report Executive Summary 2021 - Page 19


Accelerating drug research Transforming healthcare

Supporting UN SDG 3 . b for the research and development of vaccines and medicines , the HP D300e Digital Dispenser , a bioprinter platform , enables researchers to dispense or print very small ( picoliter ) quantities of fluid needed for drug and vaccine research in seconds . This can save time and reduce plastic waste associated with manual pipetting methods .
Care providers using HP ’ s 3D Arize Orthotic Solution , launched in 2021 , can scan a patient and prescribe custom orthoses for patient ’ s feet in as little as five minutes , applying industry standard modifications with precision and consistency . HP ’ s 3D Arize Solution simplifies production and aims to help reduce carbon emissions and waste . For the patient , this means receiving a customized orthotic suited to address their individual health and wellbeing needs — delivered correctly .

Advancing cancer research

HP ’ s Microfluidics and Systems Technology Lab is working to develop a new method for research purposes to isolate rare cancer cells , with the potential to help researchers support personalized therapy and detection of post-treatment cancer cells through liquid biopsies .
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