HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 74

MEET THREE OF HP’S 2018 SUMMER INTERNS ALEX JUNG Whether it’s marketing or electri cal engineering, material sciences or business, the HP Intern program’s goal is to build the foundation of interns’ incredible career story while they pursue their academic degree. By identifying, cultivating and developing students, it provides interns with access to leading-edge practical learning experience and exposure to HP’s technologies and culture. With exciting, meaningful projects and personalized mentoring and coaching, interns have the opportunity to connect, learn and make history. We sat down with three of HP’s 2018 summer interns to find out more about them and their experiences at HP. Pinewood High School HP Immersive Experiences Lab & Print Adjacencies and 3D Lab Intern Q: What is your favorite project you've worked on at HP this summer? A: I’ve worked on a few cool projects in two HP Labs—HP Print Adjacencies and 3D Lab Intern and HP Immersive Experiences Lab. During a project in the Immersive Experiences Lab, I had the opportunity to test out different design software in virtual reality. I determined which tools I thought were the most useful and then reported results and identified top elements to the rest of the team. I enjoyed having to independently explore different programs, summarize my findings and discuss and elaborate on them in team meetings. The team discussions revealed new aspects and showed the greater potential and constraints within the various virtual design software programs. Q: You've just won the lottery. What's the first thing you do? A: I would go on a long scuba diving vacation, starting in Maui. My next stop would be Cancun, then the Florida Keys. Finally, I would end my scuba diving extravaganza with a trip to the Caribbean. The money that I don’t spend on travels, I would invest in HP Labs technologies. Q: What's the best piece of career advice you've received? A: Have a resume and update it regularly, so you are always ready when a new opportunity presents itself. Q: What does #KeepReinventing mean to you? A: To me, reinventing is the constant push to question the status quo. You must push to the next level by entirely rethinking how something is done (e.g., how and where are we designing virtually and in reality), by finding a gap in a product and closing it, or by modifying it to enhance the experience. Innovation Journal Issue Ten