HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 72

INVESTING IN THE FUTURE OF COMPUTING: COLLABORATING WITH STARTUPS AND VCS ON THE COMPUTING EXPERIENCES OF TOMORROW ANDREW BOLWELL Vice Presid e nt, C hief D isr upte r, G lo b al H e a d of H P Te ch Ve ntures , H P As discussed in the previous issue of the Innovation Journal, one of the primary goals for many corporate venture capital units, including HP Tech Ventures, is to help their company capture future opportunities early. HP Tech Ventures serves as the eyes and ears of our business units in startup and venture communities. We work with accelerators and incubators, as well as direct investments in startups, to drive differentiation, growth and innovation for HP’s products and services. The HP Tech Ventures team has been working closely with HP’s Personal Systems business unit to invest in the promise of virtual reality (VR) for both consumer and business use. To further these efforts, HP Tech Ventures joined as an investor in the Virtual Reality Fund. The VR Fund invests in early-stage startups that are developing infrastructure, tools, platforms, content and apps for the mixed-reality ecosystem. Additionally, we’ve teamed up with the Personal Systems business unit to establish partnerships to explore and advance in new growth areas for the company. An example is HP’s collaboration with Parsec, a cloud-gaming company. HP and Parsec recently worked together on a new streaming gaming service leveraging the Parsec platform and HP’s OMEN gaming technology. Innovation Journal Issue Ten HP PHONEWISE, which wirelessly pairs your smartphone with your PC to enable access to your phone’s messaging and call functionality, leverages Israeli startup Screenovate’s wireless screen virtualization technologies. SECURITY: In the area of security, HP has invested in virtualization-based security startup Bromium to help protect businesses from web-based security attacks. The result of this collaboration is HP Sure Click, a solution that helps organizations protect themselves from malware and ransomware accidentally downloaded through an employee’s Internet browsing activity. HP SHAREBOARD, a Wi-Fi enabled digital whiteboard solution, benefits from HP Tech Ventures working with Kaptivo. Kaptivo’s advanced imaging technology is used to capture crystal-clear digital images from any office whiteboard. HP AND KIRAKIRA, a vibrant education startup, are aiming to close the gender gap in STEM. Together we are creating custom 3D design curricula to teach girls the technical skills needed to master 3D design, modeling and printing skills using Sprout Pro by HP and MultiJet Fusion printers. DISTI AND HP are reinventing enterprise training using VR—with a focus on complex maintenance and operations in aerospace, automotive and industrial environments. PITANGO: And in Israel, we’ve invested with Pitango, one of Israel’s leading venture funds, to tap into the vibrant startup ecosystem there, with a focus on finding tomorrow’s category leaders in areas of strategic interest.