HP Innovation Journal Issue 10: Fall 2018 - Page 33

HP VR LAUNCH KIT PROVIDES USERS WITH: Ability to seamlessly import CAD and DCC files into Unreal Engine, simplifying the process for VR development. Capability to determine the optimal computer configurations needed for VR development, with comprehensive benchmarks and reports provided by the VR Performance Profiler. Faster workflows and ability to explore details in the design, with real-time performance optimization and templates for cross-sectioning and exploded views. Power to show stakeholders how VR can positively impact operations and help progress adoption in their organization, with data sets that bring VR environments to life. Innovation Spotlight Designed to accelerate VR development and optimize it for high-fidelity use cases, the kit is for professionals who are experienced with VR but need to streamline their current VR development process, as well as professionals who are new to VR and need simpler, faster ways to get VR into their design visualization process. At HP, we are putting the tool kit to use ourselves. A construction project, currently underway at HP’s Houston campus, presented the perfect opportunity to prove the VR Launch Kit’s value. We worked with the tool kit and our design partners to create a walk-through experience to see their proposed redesign in VR. Our executive staff was able to make design decisions on the spot, experience the campus at different times of day with various lighting, and sign off on colors and patterns, making the approval process much faster and concrete than in previous projects. And the innovation doesn’t stop there. We’re looking forward to hearing even more use cases that bring our customers’ products and scenarios to life and illustrate the wide-ranging potential of the VR Launch Kit. 33