HP Innovation Journal Issue 03: Summer 2016 | Page 25

COMMUNITY VOICE Meet amazing HP talent How does your business foster innovation? Nancy Janes Alan Lobban Cristobal Macedo We have a defined WW Business Development program that targets Brand Owners, Designers, Agencies and Publishers to increase awareness and preference for HP Graphics Digital print. To see examples of projects resulting from this program please visit: http://bit.ly/IJ3_20. This program is just one of our GSB page growth initiatives, aimed at driving innovation and business process re-engineering—accelerating the analogue to digital transformation.   We’ve found that great innovation happens when we combine technology with an in- depth understanding of customer needs and opportunities. Customer knowledge is key! We’ve invested in user-centered design methodologies and promote a customer centric culture that ensures everyone in the business is focused on delivering real value for the end users of our products and solutions. We are now consistently applying “launch & learn” to get early customer feedback and make the adjustments necessary to keep our innovations on track. Innovation is all over our business these days. We have defined a new strategy to address a new segment—Corrugated Packaging—with an improved portfolio of products; a new organizational set up—which merges two existing organizations—and a renewed go-to- market approach. Think about it. A renewed strategy brings nothing but innovation: all of our team members are embarking on an extremely creative process as we are building the foundations to support a business that did not exist before. Aren´t we fostering innovation????!!!!   WW Business Development Director, Graphics Solutions Business, HP UK R&D Section Manager, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Spain Agostinho Santos Service Parts Operations Director Graphics Solutions Services, HP U.S. Fostering innovation in Graphics Solutions Services is about partner- ing with customers, understanding their needs, and enabling them to effectively and proactively manage their printing operation and grow their business. We not only aspire for consistently delighting customers with core break and fix support, but also with innovative services for improved press uptime, productivity and predictability of operations. On this note, a successful example of innovation is HP Service Advantage offering which bundles consultative services and a rich set of assets powered by cloud computing, big data analytics, and mobility tools.   LF Indistrial & PWP Corrugated Director Graphics Solutions Business, HP Spain Ester Sala WW Large Format Strategic Marketing Manager, Graphics Solutions Business, HP Spain The Print Industry has been transforming itself since Digital Printing came onto the scene—changing the way we print, and the way we communicate. Until today, innovation has been focused on delivering superior quality, better efficiency, and wider applications. The next digital printing revolution will bring immediacy and human-centric products; assist companies of the future to manage their business with printers interacting seamlessly with other print plan devices. These devices will respond to voice commands, predict when they need to be ready, and automatically schedule service routines for optimal printer readiness.   Issue 3 · Summer 2016 · Innovation Journal 25