HP Innovation Issue 18: Summer 2021 | Page 3

Enrique Lores / President and CEO
THE 2.5 BILLION PEOPLE we refer to as Generation Z are not yet 25 years old , but it ’ s already safe to say they make up the most technologically advanced , socially conscious , and ethnically diverse generation in history .
They have grown up amid unprecedented challenges , from climate change to a global pandemic to profound technological disruption and acceleration . And just as their perspectives have been shaped by these challenges , so , too , are these young people reshaping the rest of the world in their own image and likeness .
I get to witness this generational shift every day as the father of three Gen Z sons — and as a CEO . And I know that this deeply creative and globally minded generation will have a profound impact on technology companies like ours for decades to come .
As Gen Z comes of age , we must adapt and innovate to ensure our products meet their unique needs and expectations as consumers . For most of us , technology has become an ever-increasing part of our lives year after year . For Gen Z , technology is life as they know it . As consumers with ever-growing purchasing power , they ’ ll require technology that integrates seamlessly into every facet of their lives — and true to their values , they ’ ll also require technology that is made sustainably by socially responsible companies .
In the next 10 years , Gen Z will make up a full 30 percent of the workforce in the United States , so we will also need to be ready for how they will disrupt and innovate within the workplaces they are beginning to join . This is a diverse generation that is demanding that our workplaces and society embrace and empower people of all backgrounds . They are creators and innovators who are not just making viral videos on YouTube and TikTok — they ’ re also leading global movements to take action on
pressing issues like climate change . They want to work for companies that align with their values , and I have no doubt they ’ ll push those companies even further from the inside in the direction of progress .
In this issue , we take a look at this new generation with our cover story on more than a dozen young activists and how they are helping their communities and the planet . We also reveal how remote internships have opened up new opportunities for both students and companies ; explore how Gen Zers are starting their careers as a remote or hybrid workforce ; and delve into ways to keep a youthful mindset and think like a futurist no matter what generation you belong to .
Back when I was a university student in Spain , a group of HP engineers visited my class to talk about their work . Hearing from them not only motivated me to join the company as an intern , but it also inspired me to imagine a future I ’ d never before dreamed possible . Lately , I have been feeling that same sense of wonder and possibility — but this time , it ’ s because I ’ m the one who has the opportunity to talk to students , interns , and new hires who are already on their way toward becoming our company ’ s leaders and our industry ’ s next great innovators .
Perhaps more than any other generation before them , Gen Z is going to help us push the boundaries of what ’ s possible once again . It ’ s a thrilling time — for all of us — to be in the business of innovation .
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