HP Innovation Issue 18: Summer 2021 | Page 22

Generation Z has the future in their hands . They ’ re embracing social activism in a new way — and making the world a better place in the process .
by garage staff illustrations by shira inbar
JAY ’ AINA “ JAY JAY ” PATTON , age 16 , is one of many teens and young adults in Generation Z who have decided they are not going to wait for older generations . They are going to be , as the familiar saying goes , “ the change you want to see in the world .”
Jay Jay has already inspired legions of Black techies and other young people to learn to code through the Unlock Academy , a digital coding school founded by her father , further spreading the potential for a different future .
“ We make people feel like coding can be something for them ,” Patton explains about the academy ’ s approach . “ The most rewarding thing about it is the many things you can build and explore with it . You can change the world with this skill .” Jay Jay is the star of Generation Impact : The Coder , the first film in a new documentary series from the Garage by HP that shines a spotlight on creative members of Generation Z who are helping their communities — and the world — through their ingenuity and technology skills .
“ I want to help people through different obstacles ,” Patton says . “ I want to make a difference and inspire people to make changes .”
She is a shining example of the newest cohort coming into the workforce , one that is entering adulthood and shaking up traditional definitions of communication , consumerism , activism , and what it means to build a career of meaningful work . Generation Z , born between 1997 and 2012 , is using their innate technological savvy to reckon with injustices and reshape the institutions of generations before them — with a style that ’ s wholly their own .
The oldest Gen Zers are graduating from college or starting their working life , while the youngest are approaching an age when they will have some impact on household spending choices , and very soon will be making their own purchases . The pandemic is proving to be a defining moment in their lives , as new data show the effects of economic uncertainty playing out in a generation that ’ s more likely to be frugal , practical , and risk averse .
In trying to identify what makes Gen Z different from earlier generations , sociologists and researchers point to a number of factors . Technology , of course , plays a pivotal role . While the introduction of the laptop and the mobile phone had an