How To Remove Mobile Number From Instagram Account How To Add A Story To Your Instagram Story Highlig - Page 4

+91 74128-96446 Step 2: This will take you to the Archive Section, just select ‘Stories Archive’ from the drop down. Step 3: Simply Tap on any Story that you want to add in Story Highlights. Below of that Story, you will get ‘Highlight’ icon, tap on it to Create a new Highlight and add in your others highlights. Similar to explained above. OR Tap on ‘3 dots’ icon from the Top Right of the screen and Tap on ‘Create Highlight’option from the pop-up box. Here you will get the option to select multiple Stories to add all in one ‘Story Highlight‘. Just Select one or more story and Tap on ‘Next’ from Top Right of the screen –> Give aTitle to this new Highlights and Final it.