How to become a real estate appraiser in california.DOCX (1) - Page 2

You cannot take the state exam and apply for the real estate appraiser until you pass the background check , as well as fingerprinting .
It is important to know that your criminal history might have an influence on the outcome of your real estate appraiser licensing process .
Step 4 : Pass State Exam
Once you have met all the state requirements and passed a background check , you can take the state exam . Note that you will have a year to get your license .
Step 5 : Gain experience
Another important step is to find a certified appraiser , who will be your mentor . As you may guess , he will show you how to make an appraisal report . Therefore , you should assist him for at least 2000 hours and , hereby , gain experience .
During this period , your mentor will share his experience with you , by supervising your work and teaching you how to work correctly .
Step 6 : Apply for a Residential Real Estate Appraiser License
Once you have gained experience and mastered the details of the appraiser ’ s work , you may apply for your real estate appraiser license .
You should submit the following paperwork for the application
● Upgrade Application
● A proof of completion of basic education / official transcript
● A document of appraisal experience , mentioning the number of hours , months and experience
● Statement of citizenship / alienage / immigration status
● Proof of legal presence in the United States
● Appropriate fees