How to be an Adult How to be an Adult - Page 8



e are that that age where we are supposed to leave or homes and go to another state so we can continue our studies –and this can be tough. At first, it will seem exciting, living away from our parents, no more rules or scoldings, we can eat whatever we want and sleep the time we want, it may seem easy, but is not. 

Leaving the nest is never easy, first because it is the first step to adulthood and second because we are saying goodbye to our parents, maybe not forever, but it might seem like it. It hurts, but this in chapter in our lives and we should about that, we made it, we accomplished this and we are ready for college. 

Let’s take care of ourselves, it can be simple if we eat well, sleep enough and do exercise –but let’s be honest, there will be days where we don’t eat or sleep, and exercise will become for those who have time. It’s a matter of time, the firsts years are going to be hard, don’t be afraid. 



BY Tabatha Martin