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Once you adopt a student life, it’s easy to lose track of the money you spend. More often than not you will be left wondering how your money disappeared so quickly. Because of that, we bring you 7 tips on how to save money and how to spend it wisely.

Keep track of your spending

This might sound like a really obvious answer, but the reality is that now many people actually use this technique. By doing this you make sure you’re not overspending and realize which things you can spend less on.

by Ivette Méndez


Be smart on how you spend your money on food

Avoid buying unnecessary things and don’t splurge on snacks. Also, don’t shop while hungry or else you’ll end up with more food than you can eat. Your best friends are discounts, don’t forget that.

Buy course books second hand

The majority of time, you can find second hand course books for half the price of new ones. This will save you plenty of money since most course books are pretty expensive. There’s online pages that provide these in almost perfect conditions.



Pay your bills on time

This is not a joke. Pay. Your. Bills. On. Time. Almost every service charges extra if you miss your deadline.