How the Comprehensive Lasik eye exam is performed How the Comprehensive Lasik eye exam is performed

How the Comprehensive Lasik eye exam is performed? When you’ve finally decided that you want to go for Lasik vision correction surgery, it is important first to go for Lasik Consultation. Lasik Consultation is basically a conversation between the Lasik eye surgeon and the patient followed by a comprehensive eye test. In this session the candidate is asked about his health history, his habits, lifestyle and his expectation from the Lasik surgery. After this session, the main part of the Lasik consultation is conducted and that is Comprehensive eye Exam. This examination can be conducted by the same eye surgeon who conducted the Lasik Consultation; which means both on the same day and by the same eye surgeon. Let’s find out how it is conducted. Eyeglasses prescription & Pupil Dilation The doctor will first go through your recent eyeglass prescription to evaluate the extent of defect of your eyes. This will decide your eligibility as a good or bad candidate for Lasik. This is followed by pupil dilation in which the doctor checks thoroughly the interior of the eyes by dilating both the pupils and then watches the focusing mechanism of the eyes after relaxing them. This provides the exact extent of the refractive error of the eyes. Corneal measurement & Topography During pre-Lasik consultation, the eye measurement is taken additionally to ensure that they are in a condition ideal for Lasik. This step is extremely important because the Lasik procedure involves reshaping of the corneal tissues; therefore detailed topographic measurement of the cornea are taken which provides the exact measurement of its shape and thickness, ensuring that it is perfectly fine for the Lasik surgery. There are variations and advancement levels in the Lasik surgery too. Many times the wavefront measurement is also conducted in case there is a higher level aberration in the eyes. In such cases Custom Lasik or Wavefront Lasik can be recommended. Dryness and other peripheral eye tests Strip test will be performed to check the dryness of the eyes. If any such problem is found, treatment is given to avoid any dryness related complication during the Lasik procedure. Any blepharitis is also closely inspected around the eyelids and treated to minimize the risk of complications during the surgery. Dominant Eye test As said above, the requirement of each patient is different and so the Lasik procedure will also differ. A simple eye test is done to check the dominant eye specially when the candidate has presbyopia and the need of glasses for reading after the procedure has to be minimized.