How Data Integration Helped - A VL Case Study Quibids - A VL Case Study

QUIBIDS.COM A VL CASE STUDY THE BUSINESS SITUATION There were several qualifiers that QuiBids approached their search for a new solution with: QUIBIDS.COM After several years of rapid growth, QuiBids. com found themselves needing to re-assess their Flexible Mapping:’s transla- tor was X-12 only, but their vendor base ran a wide gamut of formats and commu- nication styles, from very basic CSV to ANSI X-12 to XML to custom flat file. In order to accommodate this range of ven- dor capabilities, they were forced to hand craft a variety of custom solutions de- pending on file type and run them in dif- ferent environments. QuiBids was in need of a unified development platform that could accommodate the full spectrum of file types, X-12 or not, and a unified pro- duction environment flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of process- ing scenarios. Their idea solution need- ed to be more than just exchanging data with trading partners, but also needed to handle internal operational functions. Event-Driven Processing & File Handling: All of QuiBids’ process flows were strict- ly timed, and dependencies were rath- EDI environment. Their standalone EDI transla- tor had been adequate, but as they geared up to move an ever-expanding vendor base into active electronic trading relationships, it was clear they needed a scalable and flexible solution to move their business to the next level. er rigidly tied together in ways that would inevitably make for single points of failure in processing chains. They needed a much more interactive rela- tionship between their EDI environ- ment, their proprietary order manage- ment systems, and their vendor base. Advanced Process Monitoring & Notifications: A major pain point that QuiBids was ex- periencing in their current system was an absence of clear, straightforward er- ror handling and notification. Their er- ror notification was limited to a much less granular scale, and wasn’t capable of customizing error messages and rout-