HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue - English | Page 4

We know that Expedia group is one of the best travel technology company and travel platform in the world. Expedia Group is present in 200+ travel booking sites in 70+ countries, covers 45% international revenue and has 24.000+ employees in more than 30 countries. Can you please tell us more about Expedia, its vision and strategy and of course about your position and responsibilities as a market specialist in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine? ou noted correctly that Expedia Group is not just an OTA, it is indeed a travel- platform, with the help of which the traveler can completely form his/her trip: starting from buying a ticket and booking a hotel to renting a car and buying a cruise, tickets to a concert or sightseeing tour. For the corporate segment, there is a resource Egencia that is also not limited to the offer of new properties. The company is focused on the customer and aims to be locally relevant on a global basis, therefore, in 2019, it will continue to develop its customer products: add new points of sale, localized for different countries, add new suppliers (distributors) (including actively engaging new accommodation facilities), expanding the choice of currencies for mutual settlements of payments with both guests and partners and to achieve maximum competitiveness of the supply. In the frameworks of this strategy, Expedia Group also actively cooperates with local authorities to advertise new tourist destinations on their websites. For example, last year with the support of GNTA, an ad campaign called “Visit Georgia” was held on the website of Expedia, and before this, the capital of Ukraine was actively advertised on the initiative of the Kyiv Tourism Department. As a marketing specialist, I work with a Y portfolio of hotels in Armenia, Georgia, and Ukraine. My main purpose is to help partners cooperate with the Expedia Group as efficiently as possible. Every market is very different: each has its own specifics, seasonality and its own advantages. So, in my work there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, I always act from the needs of a particular region. This means that in one period of time I can focus on conducting webinars and training events for partners, in another period I can actively engage in finding new properties or help hoteliers maximize their income during the high season. Within one region, the needs of hoteliers are not identical as well: with someone, we are purposefully working to increase the share of non-refundable bookings, and with someone, we focus on preserving the leading positions in the rating. How many properties (hotels, hostels, guesthouses, and homes) Expedia group represents in Armenia? urrently, Expedia Group has more than three hundred direct contracts with various accommodation facilities in Armenia. Most of these are classic hotels, however, among the total number, there are hostels, guest houses or apartment clusters that correspond to certain requirements. These are the exact places that can be found on Expedia,, Travelocity, Wotif and on other websites. But, since Expedia Group includes several brands, there is an opportunity to differentiate our offer for a guest and combine all alternative means of accommodation (for example, single apartments, cottages or villas) on our other resources - HomeAway and VRBO that are adapted to the search “ vacation rentals “. C Anastasiya Romanova Expedia Group - Market Associate Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine