HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue - English | Page 18

“GLOBAL HOTEL SERVICE” LLC Yerevan, H.Hovsepyan 31 Tel: +37494498877 E-mail: [email protected] Recently, a unique shop has been opened in Yerevan representing a wide range of hotel supplies, which allows hoteliers to save time and make choices according to the level and needs of the hotel. Here is gathered the largest selection of hotel textiles from leading local and foreign manufacturers. The presented assortment is dynamically updated in accordance with the needs and desires of our customers. At the moment, the shop has over 12 types of bed linen of different quality, stripe width and pattern, as well as a catalog consisting of more than 50 materials for creating your own unique collection. It is important to note that the width of the presented materials can reach up to 3 meters that is rare in our market. In the shop are also presented: • 12 types of pillows, • 10 types of blankets, • 6 types of mattress covers, • 6 types of orthopedic mattresses made from high quality materials, • more than 60 materials for tablecloths make the choice easy and relevant to the client’s requirements. • Blinds and curtains • lamps, sconces, torch lamps, street lighting, • applications for hotels and guest houses • furniture and interior elements for hotels, • cleaning products, cosmetic accessories and more ... We are always ready to fulfill the most demanding requirements of our customers in a short period of time!