HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue - English | Page 35

agreement with the hotel managers and we slowly began to develop. The idea behind this is that Armenia will get concierges with golden keys so that our country develops even faster in tourism. In the future, we want as many people as possible to join our association and develop in the same way as they develop in Moscow, in Europe. So far, we have problems with that in Armenia, but we are working on it. - Where and how did you launch your project? n March, in Sochi, the annual meeting of the “Golden Keys” took place, where I defended my project. The meeting was attended by 61 concierges from different countries of the world, from different cities of Russia. Before that, our meetings were held in Moscow, but this time they decided to organize everything in another city, and everything turned out perfectly. We had two official days - the 16th and the 17th accordingly. On the first day, we showed our guests the city, the casino, and then, at the Marriott hotel, we organized a “welcome drink”. The I next morning, we had an official part where we delivered our speeches. Sarkis Sargsyan from “Best Western” represented Armenia. We introduced Armenia, told about the prospects for the development of the concierge service in Armenia, told about the Hotelier magazine, handed them out to the participants, I defended my project, received the golden keys. Hence, the more people know about our project, the better it develops. Now, many people know about Armenia, know that there are people who want to develop in this industry. Garegin Avagyan - Chief Concierge Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya