HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue - English | Page 33

Also, you mentioned about the professional photo shooting services you and your company provide. Could you please tell us about it and about your portfolio? hanks to Airbnb, I became an interior photographer - they found me on social networks (then I was filming, mostly portraits and people), offered cooperation and taught interior photography in practice, sending video materials, tutorials and helping to edit photos year after year. After a couple of years, I started to receive orders from other companies: hostels, IT centers, private developers, office centers, etc. I didn’t really work on my portfolio, there is a website where some of my works are represented so that a private customer can see what he can eventually get. I receive private orders not through the website, but through personal channels. If the company is satisfied with my work, they recommend me to other companies. Latvia is a small country, here works the word of mouth principle. T What would you suggest to newcomers on Airbnb? What are the top 3 principles starter should follow? n my opinion, the principles here are more than 3, but if I had to select only 3 top ones, then they would be the following: 1. Love to work, be ready to receive guests 7 days a week, 365 days a year, always keep in touch with your guests and assistants. 2. Don’t be afraid to face various stressful situations that require quick response and decision-making, as there will be numerous situations like this. 3. The love towards cleanliness and attention to detail. Even though I put this principle third on the list, but it can rightfully be in the first position. Guests will not return, leave good reviews and recommend you to their friends if you do not pay enough attention to purity. The details are also very important: the opportunity to use additional towels or a warm blanket, the opportunity to turn on the muted night lighting, also leave different books and maps of your country on the shelves, make sure that guests will be able to make tea or coffee in the morning, provide a wide range of shampoos and shower gels and other details that do not require large investments, but demonstrate that you care about your guests. I