HOTELIER Magazine 2nd issue - English | Page 11

existing environmental regulations and protection. The company’s wide assortment of cleaning products includes various fields of applications, from kitchens, restaurants, laundries, hotels, and healthcare to car care products. The company also offers a special line for food production that enables to maintain the required level of hygiene at workplaces. All products of the company are accredited by ISO, IQ NET, ECOLABEL, ICEA certificates. The entire range of ALLEGRINI products is labeled with 100% Made in Italy. What kind of products/services does Chemiline have? n our product line, you can find detergents, degreasing agents, agents designed to remove limescale and a wide range of disinfectants. As well as products created to provide specific solutions in special cases. Together with the concentrates, appropriate metering devices and equipment are provided free of charge, which converts the concentrate into a ready-made solution with the correct dose - saving time and minimizing the human factor, which makes it easy to control costs. I would like to present some of the products: I Cosmetics for hotels made from selected plants, flowers, tar, extracts of various fruits and other products that are not only rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and minerals but also moisturize and soften the skin, relieve fatigue, relieve stress and have a number of other properties. It is worth noting that the company pays attention to the culture and lifestyle of other countries, as evidenced by the collection of cosmetics according to the HALAL standard. In Arabic, the word “HALAL” means “permissive,” and, therefore, respect for the Islamic faith and the foundations of Sharia. HALAL products do not contain animal ingredients or ethyl alcohol. The HALAL collection is completely manufactured in accordance with current ethical and environmental standards. Another interesting innovation, the patent of which belongs to ALLEGRINI company, is called SANI HELMET. It is a device in which you can disinfect for example sports shoes, T-shirt, bag, motorcycle helmet, stuffed toy, etc. in about 3 minutes. As a result, the unpleasant smells and bacteria disappear. Disinfection is carried out by the method of fog, after which things can be used immediately. Willingness to be useful to the client and find joint solutions has long been a working routine for us. Armen Melkonyan Yerevan, 24 Baghramyan ave. | office: 374 10 54 45 13 | mob: 374 93 30 50 57