Hospitality Today Winter 2020 (#40) | Page 2

2 | Hospitality Today | Winter 2020 SPILLING THE BEANS ON THE SECRET TO A GOOD STAY Any bed & breakfast or guest house owner aims to give their guests the most memorable stay possible. Offering the right cup of coffee to your guests is the secret ingredient to a successful stay, a new survey from Nestlé Professional ® has revealed* 90% PEOPLE SAID HAVING BRANDED EXPECT COFFEE TO BE CONTRUBUTES TO A GREAT PEOPLE SAID THEY WOULD OFFERED IN THEIR ROOM 85% COFFEE IN THEIR ROOM GUEST EXPERIENCE LATTES WERE THE MOST POPULAR COFFEE GOOD BREAKFAST COMFY BED PURCHASED IN THE UK GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP GOOD COFFEE A GOOD BREAKFAST & COFFEE OFFER ARE 930 MILLION LATTES SOLD IN THE UK 800 MILLION CAPPUCCINOS SOLD IN THE UK RANKED IN THE TOP 4 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO CUSTOMERS ACCORDING TO MARKET RESEARCHER KANTAR WORLDPANEL 90% PEOPLE SAID SERVING GREAT TASTING 80% COFFEE AT BREAKFAST IS A GREAT DEMONSTRATION OF CUSTOMER CARE AND QUALITY AND FRESHNESS OF COFFEE ALL CONTRIBUTE TO THE OVERALL GUEST EXPERIENCE PEOPLE SAID SPEED, CONSISTENCY *3GEM survey of 120 people who have stayed at a B&B or guest house in the last 12 months Nestlé Professional ® has launched a new B&B coffee scoring tool. Score your B&B by visiting: You'll get tips on improving guest satisfaction when it comes to your coffee offering. Nestlé Professional ® will send you some samples to get started.