Hospitality Today Summer 2018 (#39) - Page 15 | 15 PROMOTIONAL FEATURE Sound Sleep with MODIO For years, hotels have tried various construction, policy and amenity-based tactics to improve sleeping conditions for guests. However, noise complaints persist because these strategies cannot address the root of the problem: very low background sound levels. In fact, international testing shows that the ambient level in most guest rooms is only 28 to 32 decibels. Guests are disturbed or awakened because even low-level noises create significant volume spikes within these ‘pin-drop’ conditions. Sound masking technology distributes a soft airflow-like sound within the room, raising its background sound level in a comfortable way. The sound covers many noises and reduces the disruptive impact of others by decreasing the magnitude of change from the baseline volume. Unlike the HVAC system, ‘white noise’ machines or apps, the sound produced by a commercial-grade masking device such as MODIO by LogiSon follows a spectrum that is engineered to balance acoustic control and occupant comfort. Guests can set the level according to preference or need, adjusting their room’s acoustic ambience the same way they control temperature and lighting.