Hospitality Today Summer 2017 (#38) - Page 25 | 25 Cath Harrison (below), Managing Director of JVP Group, adds that the hospitality sector is Britain’s fourth largest employer, accounting for 3.2million direct jobs and 2.8million indirect jobs: “The challenge for the industry will be to fill the new roles with the right people given a continuing skills shortage affecting the hospitality and tourism sector. “While there are well trained, talented and highly motivated candidates out there, the burning issue for many employers is that there simply aren’t enough of them. Jill Whittaker (above), MD of HIT Training, agrees: “The UK hospitality industry continues to thrive. However with Brexit and the risk that we could lose one million workers in the next decade if EU migration is limited, and we’re in danger of the situation becoming untenable as the industry is growing faster than positions can be filled.” “So, employers have the task of not only identifying and attracting the best talent for their roles, but then holding on to them in an extremely competitive environment in which high turnover of staff has become the norm. “For the employers who get it right, there is some outstanding talent looking for the right opportunities. It is also vital to understand that the work does not stop when you have hired them. If anything, it is then that the really hard work starts to keep hold of them.” Harrison’s ‘Top Tips’ for employers: 1. Build your employer brand so it stands out in the crowd 2. Ensure your job advertisements reach the best/widest possible audience 3. Work hard to retain your talent 4. Pay well – but also offer a range of other benefits 5. Take time to develop employee ‘soft skills’ 6. Talk up your industry and the potential for long-term careers.