Hospitality Today Summer 2017 (#38) | Page 3

“We need to peddle a bit harder to get through the next couple of years” Mark Fox, CEO of Bill’s restaurants “We are calling for a ten-year phased approach to help reduce dependency on workers from the EU” “The relationship hotels “Begrudging OTAs for | 3 and B&Bs have with being good at what they OTAs is now unequal do is no reason to run to and unfair, at times the Government urging verging on the abusive” unnecessary regulations” Ufi Ibrahim, CEO of BHA David Weston, Chairman Christophe Klenner, of B&B Association Secretary General of ETTSA Page 15 Page 24 Page 18 Page 18 Mark Fox, CEO of Bill’s restaurants - Page 15 Hospitality TODAY EDITOR David Weston [email protected] DESIGN Tony Crowther [email protected] In this issue . . . 4 Opening of the Royal Garden Hotel, Shanghai 6 GDPR may be ‘death knell’ of some SMEs 8 How hospitality can prepare for the GDPR 10 Don’t lose out on capital allowances Hospitality Today Magazine 12 Tech for its own sake can harm your brand Belfry House, Batts Field, Bruton BA10 0DX 15 Mark Fox, CEO of Bill’s restaurants Published by Special Publishing Ltd. 22 Eating Out: news and trends Registered in England No. 3217188. To advertise in these pages, see: 18 OTAs: ‘abusive relationship’ or ‘the hand that feeds’? 24 Hospitality, skills and Brexit 26 The hospitality market: figures and forecasts Front cover: Mark Fox, CEO of Bill’s – see p15