Hospitality Today Oct-Nov 2016 - Page 3 | 3 “The Government needs to treat the industry better - the tax burden on licensed operators is wildly disproportionate” Luke Johnson, hospitality industry entrepreneur Page 5 “We are bringing creativity off the high street and into our business” Dennis Hogan, CEO of Compass UK & Ireland Page 12 “The Government must ensure a workforce supply for hospitality which facilitates growth” Ufi Ibhahim, CEO, British Hospitality Association Page 22 “Expanding our brand into the hospitality sector reflects our greater vision to broaden Karl Lagerfeld’s comprehensive lifestyle experience” Pier Righi, CEO, for Karl Lagerfeld Eating out: Trends and News - p18 Hospitality TODAY In this issue . . . EDITOR David Weston 4 ‘Rocketing’ rents hit London restaurants 5 ‘Wildly disproportionate’ taxes should be reviewed - Johnson 7 Cameron House gets £3m makeover DESIGN Tony Crowther Hospitality Today Magazine 12 Dennis Hogan, CEO, on Compass Group’s strategy for growth Belfry House Batts Field Bruton BA10 0DX Published by Special Publishing Ltd. Registered in England No. 3217188. To advertise in these pages, see: 16 European Focus: Les Saisies - sun, ski and shooting 18 Eating out: trends and news 22 Does hospitality need immigration? 24 The hospitality market - news, figures and analysis Front cover: Dennis Hogan, CEO of Compass Group UK & Ireland – see p12