Hospitality Today Oct-Nov 2016 - Page 15

“We need to make our restaurants and cafés the best in class. We have an innovation centre, to work with chefs, suppliers and marketing teams.” That morning, The Times had the headline “Restaurants ordered to reduce size of puddings” - reporting that Jeremy Hunt plans to name and shame operators not reducing pudding size. Hogan commented that healthy eating is important to clients because their employees care about it. “That’s not unsettling – it’s the journey we are all on”. However, “we still need to give people those options”. On Brexit, Hogan said that there will naturally be winners and losers but it will be business as usual. Supporting clients will remain a priority and any price increase discussions will be had on a client-by-client basis. Between 10-12% of Compass’s employees were from the EU – and this was higher in London. “The EU is important to us” said | 15 Hogan – “I like the fact that the Mayor of London says London is ‘open for business’”. Asked in the Q&A by George Vezza (above) of Nestlé Professional where Compass UKI was in driving efficiencies on a 1-10 scale, Hogan replied, “we are at about 5-6 – there is plenty more to do. We have 4,500 chefs across the business – we don’t want to make cuts where it would detract from our service, but cutting waste is a win-win”. The next Arena event is their Christmas event on Monday 5th December 2016 at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel.